Non reset - Mu Darkangel Ss16 OB 30/11/2020

Mu Darkangel Ss16 - Alpha Test: 26/11/2020 - Open Beta: 30/11/2020 - Exp x50 Drop x10 - Non reset - Mu Online private lậu mới ra tháng 11 2020

Trang chủ: https://darkangelmu.eu/

Fanpage hỗ trợ: https://www.facebook.com/darkangelmu.eu/posts/135637411677778

2 hours left until Darkangel MU ss16 x50 non reset open. Season 16 Nonrebirth x50. We gonna has 50% bonus WC for the first week

Server will open on:

11/30/2020 10:00 AM - Italy/Poland Hour(GMT+1)

11/30/2020 7:00AM - Brazil Hour (GMT-3)

11/30/2020 5:00PM - Vietnam Hour(GMT+7)

11/30/2020 6:00PM - Philipines Hour(GMT+8)

Unique Gameplay:

Exclusive GP shop (Hunt bosses for GP, some top items are GP exclusive for example Gold Fenrir, Conqueror Badge, wing mixes)

WC shop - No OP wings, No wing mixes, No talisman of chaos

Mining for Ruud, Mysterious Stone, Bless and even WC

Moss(MiracleBox) may give WC

Server Info:

5 client/IP - may reduce depend on players

Active Admin (recommend contact Discord)

OffLevel system

Active gameple: Play2W and Hunt2W no more clones, bots

Recharge Milestones as appreciation

Hidden GP hunting spot

8-12 monster spots

High level map monster give huge exp

Mini-bosses gives GP/Seedlvl 1-3 and Miracle Coin

SS16 new features:

Low Quality Interface for low performance computer

New Dragon Mount

New Skill for DK (GL is the worst character to train now ^.^)

Manticore Set, Silverheart for SL, and New character Gunslinger (We will also config him later so he will be able to use w4 and ruud set of DW)

Website: https://darkangelmu.eu/

Discord: https://discord.gg/m9vSgf3R5d (recommend, we have lots of event that require interactive)

Whatsapp: upon request.

*For those who play on ss6, I will more than happy to help you with new season features.

Admin group:

We have Vietnamese and Italian admin

Also, if you want some small freebies, the sharing event is up until 12/05/2020: https://www.facebook.com/DarkangelMu.eu/posts/135637411677778

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